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Zanotta's history is the story of sixty years of insights and records, of daring and curiosity, and above all, of special achievements that few companies can boast: with more than 550 products made, Zanotta has a place of its own in the great world of design. A company and a catalog that are difficult to imitate, whose philosophy is "to produce culture and profit at the same time," with the conviction that "the furniture industry should strive to anticipate future needs, not just satisfy the passive demand of the public." 

Founded in 1954 by Aurelio Zanotta, the company initially focused around the production of sofas and armchairs, overcoming the artisan tradition of the upholsterer's workshops - to which the production of upholstered furniture normally referred - and directing itself toward "cultured" design, among the companies that wrote the first significant pages in the history of Italian design. Thanks to the encounter with some of today's legendary personalities, intercepted thanks to the curiosity, instinct and charisma of its founder, Zanotta had embarked on a new path, beginning to take an interest in new technologies and new materials, and at the same time proving sensitive to the purest artistic research, but above all opening its doors to great designers. And so already in the early 1970s some forward-looking, and for those years evidently visionary, re-edition projects began. Zanotta approached the work of the father of Italian rationalism, Giuseppe Terragni, and within a few years the Sant'Elia armchair, the Lariana chair and the Follia, for years the very icon of the company, entered the catalog.

A season that would take the name Zabro, and which in 1989 would turn into Zanotta Edizioni: a place full of surprises, where the funambulistic thoughts of Bruno Munari and Alik Cavaliere, Fortunato Depero and Alessandro Mendini, Ettore Sottsass and Riccardo Dalisi, Pierre Charpin and many others shine together. A collection that in 1991, for its "strong cultural depth," was awarded the Compasso d'Oro Honorable Mention. Objects, all of which are inspired by the tradition of Italian artistic craftsmanship, and which, freed from the constraints of strictly industrial production, show a strong component of "handmade" work, often recovering disused techniques, such as marquetry or pictorial decoration, or other new and experimental ones. All are small-series objects, with limited numbering that enhances their value over time. 51 award-winning products. 8 international awards. 3 Compassi d'Oro awards. 297 products in permanent collections in 47 museums worldwide. Thanks to the introduction of formal, typological and technological innovations, many Zanotta products are now true recognized icons in the history of design, cited in books and exhibited in the most important museums of decorative arts.

The Zanotta Catalogue

Contemporary Furniture

Zanotta was among the first companies to understand the need to promote and support cultural activities in the form of exhibitions and conferences, events not directly related to production but more broadly to research and study of different areas of design and creativity. Showing the outcomes of one's work does not only mean exhibiting the objects of production, which have come to fruition after months and sometimes years of verification and experimentation. It also means presenting oneself by designing an ad hoc way of proposing and communicating, synergistically and in affinity, one's new heritage. And Zanotta has always given special attention to this aspect, from the now legendary, courageous and provocative fittings of the 1970s to Achille Castiglioni's superb designs of the 1980s and 1990s, passing to the more domestic but no less refined images of Bertero-Panto-Marzoli's stands of the 2000s, to the new path taken with the projects of the Calvi-Brambilla studio.

A Zanotta collection characterized by a great heterogeneity, articulated today in more than 200 products including armchairs, sofas, beds, chairs, tables, furnishing accessories, small tables, various furniture, outdoor products and numbered and limited editions. The attention to the care of every aspect of Zanotta's production, and the punctually handcrafted workmanship performed in many of the processing steps, allows Zanotta to also create highly customized objects, therefore essentially unique, according to the special requests of a sophisticated clientele. "Tailor-made" executions ranging from the choice of "client fabrics" for the production of upholstered furniture, to the realization of "special pieces," in accordance with the client's needs, the designer's sensitivity and Zanotta's own catalog.

The great variety of languages in Zanotta's catalog has allowed the products to fit with agility, culture and taste into the best examples of contemporary furniture, from houses designed by great architects to hotels, restaurants, museums and the most significant representative offices built in the last thirty years. And it is precisely to a certain type of supplies, intended for a more sophisticated kind of contract, that the Zanotta catalog proves to be particularly suitable: when it is necessary to offer not only technological and constructional qualities but also different varieties of styles, so as to indulge the different identities of the best international design. The production of the objects takes place largely within the Nova Milanese factories, spread over an area of 16,000 square meters, with about 90 employees, half of whom are directly employed in production, true craftsmen specialized in the special processing of leather and fabrics for the upholstered objects made in-house. Within the Zanotta company also take place the assembly and finishing operations of some models of chairs, tables, complements and various pieces of furniture made by the most technologically advanced suppliers of the Italian production fabric, mostly present in the territory of northern Italy: this is why Zanotta production is 100% "Made in Italy".