Furnishing is a very demanding task that Cavallini Linea C knows how to carry out competently, thanks in part to the specific experience gained over a century of activity.

The owner of the company is Arch. Umberto Cavallini who has been joined with passion and competence by his sons Arch. Diego and Dr. Paolo Cavallini, who are responsible for the company organization. For us, punctuality is not a simple form of courtesy but the logical consequence of a proven organization.

Cavallini Linea C, offers the best products, the most reliable and safe brands, the undisputed quality of proven solid materials.
We will be able to show you how to properly use your financial availability, even opting for financing up to 48 months at zero interest.


Our achievements are documented with drawings and/or photos taking into account privacy and security requirements.

Some realizations have been carried out in collaboration with architectural and interior design firms for the entire work or even for partial interventions.


More than 100 years of activity

Conducted continuously by the same family branch, which more than any other aspect certifies our well-established good way of dealing with customers, who reward us by returning or recommending us to relatives and friends.

Compliance with established dates

It is possible by virtue of the punctuality of our selected suppliers and our large 1,500-square-meter warehouse, which allows safe and secure storage of furniture until the customer is ready for delivery.

A single point of contact with whom you can relate

Listening, understanding, and designing are fundamental steps to meet the client's expectations, which are inseparable and cannot be delegated to a third party. Therefore, you will have an architect who will follow you from the first approach to delivery.

The after-sales service

With highly qualified personnel. With your consent, in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR, we will keep sensitive and critical technical service data for up to 30 years after purchase.

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At Cavallini Linea C you can find kitchens, sofas and furniture complements from the best manufacturers ready for delivery at a discounted price.



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If you deem it appropriate, we will provide you with all the economic and construction information about the house in order to optimize time and costs.

We can handle your construction paperwork at the municipal level and also directly carry out the renovation work on your home, offering ourselves as a general contractor.

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