Movi Doors Reseller

Door leaders

Movi's path of work, research and experimentation began in the late 1950s.

From the outset, Movi's goal is to identify and meet the objective needs of an increasingly attentive and composite user base.

The result is maximum functionality combined with great attention to design, service, and finish.

Movi's approach to design and the increasingly innovative and up-to-date methodologies for achieving it have become, and remain, the main expressive tools.

Movi is now among the leading companies in the design and production of doors, sliding panels, walls and equipment for walk-in closets and is a benchmark for research, innovation and global quality.

The Movi Catalog

Sliding Doors and Panels

Movi guarantees the very high quality of its products, interpreted as unique pieces; in fact, it is in the "tailor-made" service that Movi ideas find their natural destination.

A truly comprehensive range, from opening types to ever-changing materials and finishes, revisited between design and trend, with the application of proven and silent sliding mechanisms that meet global quality requirements.