Dada Products Reseller

Premium and designer kitchens

Dada was founded in 1926 in the small carpentry workshop founded by Angelo Garavaglia.

In 1972 the new brand DADA, high kitchen furniture, was created and collaborations with internationally renowned architects and designers such as Angelo Cortesi, Georges Coslin, and Giovanni Offredi began.

In 1979 he joined the Molteni Group.

With its kitchen production, Dada is positioned at the top of the kitchen market with a variety of models (Dada Hi-Line by Ferruccio Laviani, Dada Banco, Dada Nuvola, Dada Vela, Dada Vela Quadra and Aluminium by Luca Meda, Dada Nomis by Hannes Wettstein, Dada Tivalì and Dada Trim by Dante Bonuccelli) all different from each other both in type and in the finishes and materials used but with one essential common feature, the possibility of combining specific elements from each series to give rise to further highly characterized and specific solutions.

In other words, Dada offers the opportunity to customize one's kitchen with the goal of meeting the needs of a prepared clientele who, while not neglecting functionality, desires a high-design product.


The Dada style

Design and Innovation in the Kitchen

The design research present in Dada kitchens continuously produces original typological proposals, where technology is strongly present without ever being invasive. Technology, exclusive home spaces and great environmental quality, where preparing and cooking food express more a passion than a necessity.

Alongside the production of standard kitchens, Dada makes customized supplies for special projects, including large-scale ones, developing and producing specific kitchen models according to the customer's design that fit perfectly into larger architectural contexts and may one day become mass-produced products.

Design and innovation, have always been the identifying elements of Dada kitchens, which designs and offers original design solutions characterized by high aesthetic and functional content.

Innovative proposals in terms of form, technology and typology, developed through intensive research and experimentation conducted in close collaboration with internationally renowned architects and designers.

Dada's high level of technological knowledge in both the more traditional field of woodworking and the more innovative field of metals and new materials used in the kitchen sector enables it to propose optimal solutions in response to specific project requirements.