Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento
Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento

Dealer Modulnova Milan

The story of Modulnova begins 27 years ago (in 1988) in Friuli, in Prata di Pordenone, by the will and initiative of three brothers: Dario (now president), Giuseppe and Carlo (both directors of the CDA) Presotto.

The Presotto family is in the world of the late '40s (he began the carpenter grandfather, the father went with a company of small rooms up to 1987), but it is with Dario, Joseph and Charles, who began his entrepreneurial adventure now employs one hundred employees, invoice € 35 million a year (with 70% of customers in Italy), an increase over the past five years of 30%, a production area extends over 12,000 square meters. Since the choice of the name (inspired by the module, the modularity, a tribute to the "Modulor" of Le Corbusier), the aim of Modulnova is very clear: to propose a kitchen system that can be customized "tailor-made" for the client , which can satisfy stylistic requirements, but also functional, decorated and formal rigor. A tailored approach that characterizes today all proposed Modulnova, ranging from kitchens, bathrooms and living: In fact born with the production of food systems, Modulnova subsequently expanded its proposal also to the bathroom and living area.

A challenge, therefore, that undertaken by the then twenty-Presotto brothers who today confirms the goodness of the choices made by Modulnova, have proved successful. The success of Modulnova it should be firstly to perfect harmony, understanding and planning, which animates these young entrepreneurs, but also having believed early on that to be the trend setter in the kitchen you need to bring innovation and design with absolute attention to the continuous market changes and styles of living and dwelling.
The collaboration with Andrea Bassanello, art director Modulnova, led to consolidate the brand's style Modulnova in one direction and easily recognizable both in kitchens, bathrooms and Modulnova stays.

A design to Modulnova, creative and inspired to modern design and the use of new materials in kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms (like Kerlite, glass, aluminum and concrete resin) joined to the introduction of new production systems make it possible to produce furnishings that acquire value over time resisting the fashions and tastes of the moment.

In 2000 Modulnova creates a line of bathroom furniture designed to define welcoming atmosphere and attention even in an intimate and private setting as the bathroom.

In 2011 the Modulnova offer is completed by MD HOME, the new company of furniture and furnishings for the living room, was born as a natural continuation of an entrepreneurial route and know-how acquired and developed in over twenty years of activity by part of Modulnova.

The Modulnova style, tasteful and clean, combines simplicity of forms and rational organization of space, and is designed to meet the needs of functionality and practicality of everyday life.
From the kitchen to the bathroom to the living room, now more and more connected and with ephemeral architectural boundaries, Modulnova offers housing solutions for home living with contemporaneity, a mood in which the essential design, the fine finishes and high quality and originality of materials used flow together to create an authentic Italian Style.

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