Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento
Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento

Dealer Doimo Cucine Milan

Doimo Cucine produces quality kitchens, with a contemporary soul, that speak of current lifestyles, lived in the environment that is the heart of the home. Doimo Cucine was founded in 1994 in Nervesa della Battaglia, a town in the Treviso countryside in northern Italy, and is part of the Doimo Group, one of the most important Italian economic and production companies in the furniture sector. From here, Doimo Cucine opened up to the world, already reaching over 40 countries.

Doimo Cucine produces completely in Italy. Doimo Cucine is rooted in its territory, the Veneto, an area with a long tradition of craftsmanship in woodworking. And it is to that tradition that Doimo Cucine looks: careful study of modeling, accurate evaluation of materials, attention to detail, good Italian taste. Naturally Doimo Cucine actualizes these principles because it lives our time. Doimo Cucine evaluates and uses new technologies and materials.

For Doimo Cucine it is therefore important not just to do, but to do well. For all of us. It is Doimo Cucine's mission to offer durable and robust kitchens, in line with the expectations that people have for the furnishings of the room-fulcrum of the house and their lives. Doimo Cucine kitchens last over time because they have a high quality, controlled throughout the entire production process, which takes place completely within the company, from design to production, and is followed by high-level technicians.

Doimo Cucine's research and development sector is always careful to develop and maintain a knowledge timely on new technologies and on the characteristics and uses of new materials to offer solutions, features and accessories of quality, always better and environmentally friendly. The collections of Doimo Cucine all have a contemporary soul, but each one expresses a lifestyle precise because variety is the beauty that characterizes the world. For this reason, Doimo Cucine collaborates with designers, creatives, specialists in the field, capable of capturing new design trends and translating them into projects.

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