Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento
Mobili e forniture per l’arredamento

Dealer Alf Da Frè Milan

Alf Da Frè is a reality today among the most important on the international furniture.
Protagonist of an entrepreneurial venture very successful, Alf Da Frè has made continuous search for quality its mission, renewing their proposals forever to better interpret the lifestyles and the most contemporary trends.

The Alf Da Frè origins can be traced to the 50s when a group of artisans, high experience and ability, decided to come together to found in Francenigo (Treviso), a cooperative in order to start mass production of wooden objects.

However, after a few years, Alf become a major industrial company in the timber industry landscape so much so that the brothers Piovesana to take over the company and to invest new resources. The results of their efforts were not long to wait, in fact since the early sixties, the Alf expands thanks to its ability to stand out in the design and production of furniture for the bedroom.

The evolution of the markets that has occurred in the following years and the foresight of 'Alf to satisfy customer demands have meant that the company were to increase rapidly their production.

Today Alf Da Frè further increases its market share thanks to the specialization also in a row of the living area, the ability to offer cutting-edge services and to ensure the earliest possible moment in the creation and delivery of products.

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